The last thing that we want is for Youth ABLAZE to become a clique. Jesus Christ died on the cross so that all men may be saved and it would be wrong for us as a youth group to distinguish between background, physical appearance, or walk in life. We accept all teens from 7-12tgrade that do not have a church to call home to be a part of the Youth ABLAZE community. 


The existence of Youth ABLAZE can be summed up in one phrase, “to honor and glorify God and fulfill the great commission.” The Bible clearly instructs us to honor and glorify him and fulfill the great commission and that is the principle we want to instruct to our teens. Every activity, every message and every youth service will stem from the principle of helping our teens grow in Christ and “honoring and glorifying Him.” 

The theme verse for the Youth ABLAZE youth group is I Timothy 4:12, “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” To reinforce the core principles of Youth ABLAZE, we have broken down the word ABLAZE into our six core principles, all derived from 1 Timothy 4.

A  •  Abiding in Christ

B  •  Believing God’s Word

L  •  Living Out Godliness

A  •  Actively Trusting in God

Z  •  Zealous Soulwinners

E  •  Examples to the Believers

Our goal through this youth group is not to be the biggest, craziest, or most entertaining youth group around, but to be a youth group full of teens that are fully committed and sold out for Christ. 


Youth ABLAZE is a ministry of Valley Forge Baptist located in Collegeville, PA. Valley Forge Baptist is located right off the Collegeville exit of 422 at 616 S. Trappe Road, Collegeville, PA. 


Youth ABLAZE has official meetings twice a week. Youth ABLAZE meets Sunday mornings for Sunday school at 9:00am in the Family Life Center (gym) of Valley Forge Baptist. Youth ABLAZE also meets every Wednesday evening for Ignite located in the library of Valley Forge Baptist. 

Youth ABLAZE also has fun monthly activities such as Paintball, All-Nighters, Baseball Games, and hiking. You can find a calendar of events that include all monthly activities located on the “calendar” tab of the Youth ABLAZE website. 


Youth ABLAZE does not exist just for the entertainment of teenagers, all though we do love to have fun! The primary reason for the existence of Youth ABLAZE is to assist the relationship with Christ that many of the teens possess. We also exist to help other teens that may not know much about Christ grow in their faith.